Ski Resorts in Chile

On the opposite side of the Andes to the Argentine Patagonian offerings, are Antillanca, Pucón - a snowboard mecca for its halfpipes and natural ravines, and Chillan, each coughing up eddies of superb powder from July to about September.

In the north, Valle Nevado is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere, racking up an incredible 23,000 acres of skiing terain. A somewhat European translation of South American skiing, shops, lodging and dining are all 5 stars here.

Portillo, Chile's oldest ski resort is the elder statesman, and neighbour of 22,800 foot monolith Mt. Aconcagua - no laughing matter. Above the treeline, views of the buttressed Andes and glacial stills of Laguna del Inca satisfy, and nearby El Colorado is also a widely respected name amongst the international community.